How much cake do I (really) need?


This question is actually more important than you think and if you are feeling confused, you are not alone.

With so many overwhelming decisions to make to ensure your wedding is absolutely perfect, the cake is just one more thing to guesstimate. You end up being at the mercy of your baker, who hopefully is an honest one and not attempting to sell you way more cake than you need.

The answer is, It’s complicated.

Where cake is concerned you will want to have some decisions made –

  • Number of guests – Breakdown of how many adults and children is helpful.

  • Will you be serving or saving the top tier for your anniversary? (More on this here)

  • Will you be serving other desserts in addition to the cake?

  • Who is cutting and serving your cake? Hotel Caterers are very efficient cake cutters, they know how to get the most servings out of a cake based on experience – you are in good hands. An Event Caterer may have some cake cutting experience but may benefit from having a suggested cutting print out from your baker. Your Mom/Aunt/BFF – Please request cutting instructions from your baker. Your baker may also be available for cutting – please note there may be an extra fee associated with this option.

The general calculation is based on each tier.

Here is a diagram to help you start the process – but definitely ask your baker as well, that’s what we are here for!

rahshida perez