Getting married? Don’t save the cake for last!


There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your Big Day. Where on earth do you start?!

A common mistake many Brides & Grooms make is saving the cake for last. My advice is do not wait! As soon as you have booked your venue, line up your caterer and then start tasting cakes! It’s an enjoyable task and breaks up some of the not-as-fun choices like selecting table linens and bridesmaids dresses.

Wedding season books up fast, which is another great reason to find and book your baker as soon as possible. Many bakers are booked 6 months to a year in advance and may not be able to accommodate your date. Time is of the essence or it could end up costing you more! Some bakers will accept your booking but charge an additional 10-20% “Rush Fee”. To ensure your baker is available for your wedding day, plan to book a minimum of 4-6 months to a year in advance. It could save you $$$

Wedding month – Minimum booking timeframe

January – July to September (Year prior)

February – August to October (Year prior)

March – September to November (Year prior)

April – October to December (Year prior)

May – November to January

June – December to February

July – January to March

August – February to April

September – March to May

October – April to June

November – May to July

December – June to August

 **Keep in mind- Wedding season in Colorado is April to October, tasting may be difficult to schedule on weekends.

Moving cake to the top of the list opens you up to a whole host of vendors. Bakers work with and know of many different professionals in the industry and have oftentimes developed and maintained deep connections with wedding professionals near and far. For example – Bakers tend to know a few great florists and can recommend by budget, if needed. We also may know wedding photographers, boudoir photographers, wedding coordinators, calligraphers and party rental vendors. View our preferred vendor list here.

Life is short. Eat dessert first. – Jacques Torres


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